Share your vision of our future

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Share your vision of our future

What do you think the focus for the next 30 years of the Pankhurst Centre should be?

As you will be aware, we are working on ambitious plans for renovating and transforming 60/62 Nelson Street. To secure the funding that we will need for this project we all have to be able to communicate a clear, strong idea of what we want to achieve and why it is important.

Below is a draft “Vision for the Pankhurst Centre”, please have a read and then tell us what you think – what do you like best (and least), what have we missed and how can we improve it?

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Draft Mission

To provide an accessible, empowering and safe space for the daughters of Manchester and women of world by restoring, protecting and promoting the Pankhurst Centre’s unique place in the struggle for women’s equality.

Draft Core Purpose

To secure the improvement, enhancement and maintenance of 60/62 Nelson Street, Manchester – The Pankhurst Centre – as a space for all women.

To preserve the heritage of “The Suffragettes” in the original birthplace of the Women’s Social and Political Union (WSPU) and home of the Pankhurst women.

To be an articulate, authoritative and, when necessary, disobedient voice for the suffragette movement, women’s’ equality and domestic abuse.

To inspire and encourage women and girls around the world to join and support present-day campaigns for women’s suffrage and gender equality.

Draft Goals and Objectives

We aspire to:

  • Be an international voice in support of the ongoing fight for women’s equality
  • Give every daughter of the Manchester the opportunity to achieve her potential
  • Be self-funding by 2025 and thereby ensure the future of the Pankhurst Centre for future generations

We will achieve this by:

  • Making the Pankhurst Centre a destination – both real and virtual – for women, heritage seekers, [radical] feminists, history students
  • Creating an accessible community resource and drop-in centre for the women and girls of Manchester
  • Developing a robust and sustainable commercial space for clients to host conferences, classes and social events

Draft Brand

There is nowhere else like The Pankhurst Centre – Our building and its unique place in women’s history and the history of radical Manchester distinguishes us from other institutions and defines the way we work.

We want everyone to understand more about us – what we offer and why – by being clear and consistent in our communications. Whether speaking to a group of school children or a major benefactor, how we look and how we talk makes an important contribution to how we are seen


3D Architectural Visualisation of Pankhurst Centre produced by BTP Architects