Company Overview

Kratos Analytical Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Shimadzu Corporation of Kyoto, Japan with headquarters in Trafford Park, Manchester, UK.  Like our famous neighbours, Manchester United FC, Kratos Analytical is a brand recognised globally for market leading products and has over 50 years of experience in manufacturing surface analysis equipment and over 20 years of manufacturing MALDI-ToF instruments.

Since the sale of the first commercial x-ray photoelectron spectrometer in 1969 Kratos Analytical has lead surface analysis in the development of instruments.  Our MALDI business was started in 1991 with one of the first commercial MALDI mass spectrometers available and is one of only a handfull of companies with the technology to commercialise the technique today.

Kratos Analytical employs over 200 staff at our headquarters and offices in Germany and New York.  We invest heavily in research and development and have a dedicated team of physicists, mechanical and electrical engineers who are experts in their respective fields contributing to developing the next generation of photoelectron spectrometers and MALDI-ToF instruments.

Sales and Applications support is based in Manchester.  Our philosophy is to sell the spectrometers through the results that they are capable of generating.  Our Applications Specialists are all educated to doctorate level and have many years of experience of XPS or MALDI across all classes of materials.  We make oral contributions at many of the surface or MALDI  related international meetings, presenting novel research results generated in our Manchester applications lab. and through collaborations with leading academic and industrial groups.

Quality is the responsibility of everyone at Kratos Analytical. It is the focus of company objectives and through this focus comes the excellence and performance expected of every Kratos Analytical product. Focus on quality is the single most important reason for the market leading performance associated with all Kratos technology. Close relationships with subcontractors and technology partners in the supply chain